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The West Virginia 511 Drive Safe mobile app provides drivers with audible, hands-free traffic alerts from their smartphone.

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how to use it

After downloading the free WV 511 Drive Safe app to your iPhone or Android phone, open the app when you get in the car to begin your drive then set the phone aside while driving. The WV 511 Drive Safe app will use your phone's speaker and GPS location to provide you with audible travel advisories that are near your current location as you drive.

In the settings menu, you can customize the app to provide advisories for specific roadways and adjust the advisory replay interval and the number of miles radius for which you are interested in receiving advisories.

How It Works

While driving, you will receive audible updates on nearby construction, crashes, traffic delays, weather advisories and other helpful traveler information on nearby interstates and other high priority roadways while being able to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The WV 511 Drive Safe app will continue to update you with nearby advisories as your vehicle continues to move.

The WV 511 Drive Safe app can be used while running other apps on your phone. The app will run in the background until you travel near an incident with a travel advisory and will not interfere with the phone's ability to place or receive phone calls. In West Virginia, drivers must use a hands-free device when using their mobile phones while driving.