Calling 511

West Virginia 511 provides transportation and weather information from landlines and mobile/cell phones. From anywhere within the state, simply dial 5-1-1 and you will be directed to our new digital voice assistant.

When you speak with the assistant, you can make a request in plain English. You can ask for traffic in several different ways:

  • You can ask for traffic near any location or landmark. For example: “What is the traffic near New River Gorge National Park?”
  • You can ask for traffic a specific road. You can specify the direction, or just say the road, and both directions will be read. For example: “What is the traffic on I-77 northbound?”
  • You can ask for traffic on a roadway between two locations – again, with or without specifying the direction. For example: “What is the traffic on I-64 between Charleston and Dupont City?”

For each traffic request, the system will read all active incidents. After they are read, you can also ask the system to tell you construction advisories in the same area.

There are also several other options that you can request:

  • You can ask for help at any time, to learn what options are available to you.
  • You can set a default location for your traffic reports, which will be recognized by your caller ID. Just say “Change,” and say which traffic report you would like read automatically on subsequent calls.
  • You can request weather for a location. For example, “What is the weather in Charleston?”
  • You can request “Truck Parking” to learn the number of available commercial parking spaces in select truck parking stations.
  • You can request “Commercial Vehicle Information” to learn about steep grades, truck escape ramp locations, mandatory brake checks, and other commercial advisories across the state.
  • You can request to be transferred to another state’s 511 system by saying “Transfer,” and the system will give you a list of options for other traveler information systems.
  • You can request to leave feedback for the WVDOT team by saying “Feedback.”