What's Coming to 511

The WV DOH is continuing to enhance your WV511 experience by adding new features on an ongoing basis. Some new features that you should expect soon are described below.

What's New

Drive Safe WV Mobile App Alerts on My Route

The Drive Safe WV mobile app has added a feature which allows users to hear events that are only on their route when in Drive Mode. The user must be in Passenger Vehicle mode. Simply tap the "Need Directions" link on the Drive Mode screen and set a route. The app will prompt you to hear events only on your route. Users can modify "Play Only Route Events" settings and remove the route in the App Settings page.

Drive Safe WV Mobile App Alerts Drive Safe WV Mobile App Alerts

Check My Route

The Check My Route feature is available on the main homepage of the website. Click the “Check my Route” button on the map to enter a starting and ending address to plan a route using Google Directions. The system will display information about all relevant map layers encountered on the trip, including incidents, active construction, active signs, and traffic cameras. Trips for passenger vehicles will also include turn-by-turn directions. Users can turn on any other additional layers from the map legend, such as rest areas and toll booths. Users also have the option to open the route in Google.

check my route screenshot

My WV511

The Personal Alert section of the website will be changed to "My WV511", as it will soon include more functions outside of personalized travel alerts.

The first upgrade to the My WV511 feature will be customized camera tours. My WV511 users will have the ability to enter starting and ending locations to create personalized camera tours along custom routes routes (for example, home to work). WVDOH cameras along those routes will automatically be compiled into personalized camera tours that can be viewed and auto-played through the My WV511 page.

my wv511 cameras screenshot