Using the WV 511 Drive Safe Mobile App

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Downloading the App

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The WV 511 Drive Safe mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play or the iTunes store. You can find the app by clicking or scanning the QR codes.

What is West Virginia 511?

West Virginia 511 is West Virginia's official travel information service which provides travelers with reliable, current traffic and weather information, as well as links to other transportation services. West Virginia 511 is designed to help motorists reach their destination in the most efficient manner when traveling in West Virginia.

What is the coverage area of West Virginia 511?

The WV 511 Drive Safe mobile application provides incident and construction information is available for Interstates, US routes, and state routes across West Virginia.

Is there information for other sources other than WVDOT?

Yes, users can opt to hear information from select neighboring states - currently 511 information from Pennsylvania and New Jersey are available.

Just click into the setting on the app, then tap "Edit Location Preferences" (on iOS devices) or "Location Preferences" (on Android devices), and "check" the state advisories you'd like to hear. When you drive near or into those states, traveler advisories within your range will continue to be broadcast to you.

What types of services are available to the traveler on WV 511 Drive Safe?

With WV 511 Drive Safe, travelers can find such information such as:

  • Traffic conditions;
  • Traffic Speeds;
  • Live traffic camera images;
  • Highway construction updates;
  • Weather conditions and alerts; and
  • Links to other travel resources.

How does the application work?

Launch the hands-free WV 511 Drive Safe application and select “Driving Mode” before you put your car in drive. You will hear active WVDOT advisories that are near you. Now put down the phone and focus on driving. There's nothing on your phone that you need to touch or read. Just listen for travel alerts.

The WV 511 Drive Safe app will remain "on" while you drive, automatically activating when you approach an area impacted by a WVDOT advisory. The app will broadcast any travel alerts for reported conditions within a set mile-range (that you can set for yourself) of your current location.

Conditions will be broadcast once, and then the broadcast stream will go quiet until

  • there is an update to an advisory near you; or
  • you have come within range of another advisory; or
  • a set time period has elapsed (that you choose) and you want to re-hear all advisories that are still in range.

While the app has a Traffic Map and additional features, WVDOT reminds motorists to not interact with the app while driving.

What happens if I get a phone call?

If you get a call, or make a call while a travel alert is playing, the alert will pause, and will resume playing when the call has ended. You can select to hear advisories while you are on and active call, provided that you have a data plan that permits simultaneous data and talk.